Our Philosophy

At Paragon Automotive Repair we offer the best auto repair services in terms of quality, integrity and customer satisfaction. We take care to provide accurate information, honest evaluations and auto repair services that meet your needs. Our three-step approach to auto maintenance insures that we are well prepared and that you are well informed.

1. Perform Accurate and Complete Repair Diagnosis

With each diagnosis, we put our skills, experience and state- of-the-art diagnostics to work to provide the most accurate information available before the job begins.

2. Discuss Immediate Auto Repair Needs

We believe in addressing the customer’s most pressing needs first and honestly evaluating long-term automotive care.

3. Schedule Deferred Automotive Maintenance

Because we are committed to strong customer relationships, your automotive care continues to be our priority long after you drive away. We want to talk about your future needs and develop a plan with your safety and convenience in mind.

Paragon Auto Repair is commited to helping the environment and that is why we strive to be 100% eco-friendly. By recycling all of our anifreeze, oils and acid products as well as using re-refinded oil we have succesfully been announced eco-friendly by clean water servies and DEQ. You will always be sure that by bringing your vehicles to Paragon Auto Repair we will always do whats best for you, your vehicle and the environment!