Suspension Repair

Complete Suspension Diagnosis and Repair

Is your vehicle experiencing any of these symptoms: pulling to one side while driving, wheels wandering rapidly back and forth, porpoising over bumps or uneven roads, steering that seems to be slipping, or hard steering? If so, you may be experiencing suspension, steering, alignment, shock or strut problems. Another symptom you may also be experiencing is uneven wear on the tires. The uneven tire wear may be present on the inner or outer part of your tire. Steering and suspension are very intricate systems therefore it is important that you have a professional look at it. Paragon offers 2-wheel and 4-wheel alignment services on all makes and models. The experience and expertise you will find at Paragon is unlike any other shop. Our experience and certifications will give you the confidence in our ability to diagnose the problem and repair your vehicle properly and efficiently.

Serving Tualatin, Sherwood, Wilsonville, Tigard, Beaverton, Portland, West Linn and Lake Oswego.