Complete Auto Repair Services

Engine and Transmission Replacement
Truck Repair
Subaru Repair
Complete Brake System Repair
Factory Maintenance
Oil and Filter Change
Pre Purchase Inspections
Complete Suspension Diagnosis and Repair
Exhaust Replacement
Gas and Diesel Diagnostic and Repair

Air Conditioning and Cooling System Repairs

Complete AC Performance Check

Antifreeze-Why is it important to your heating and cooling system?

Automobile Electrical Systems Repair

Complete Electrical Repair
Check Engine Light Repair
DEQ Repair
Diagnosis and Repair
Complete Engine Tune Up

Classic Car Repairs


Electrical/ Electronics troubleshooting
Anti Lock brakes systems

NAPA (Echlin)

Computer Diagnostics 1
Fuel Injection Systems
General Motors Computer Command Systems
Import Computer Diagnostics
General Motors
Medium Duty Truck TBI
Delco Charging Systems
GM Diesel Training

Automotive Target Training

Ford EEC IV Diagnosis
4 Gas Analysis

Thank you for understanding, Paragon’s labor rate is $110.00 an hour and diagnostic fees will be applied.