Sherwood Car Repair Shops

Paragon Auto Repair is first among Sherwood car repair shops for providing affordable and trustworthy auto repair services. A family owned business, Paragon works to make sure that customers are completely satisfied and that vehicles are repaired to be both safe and reliable. This dedication to honest, quality work and excellent service is how we at Paragon Auto Repair set the standard among Sherwood car repair shops.

Paragon Auto Repair offers complete diagnostic and repair services for both gas and diesel vehicles. These are services that no other Sherwood car repair shops can offer. Unlike other Sherwood car repair shops, we offer bumper to bumper service including complete electrical systems diagnosis and repair, brake system repair, including anti-lock brake systems, complete suspension diagnosis and repair, exhaust system replacement, pre-purchase inspections, AC performance checks, oil and filter changes and complete factory maintenance. We are one of the few Sherwood care repair shops that offers warranty repairs through manufacturer warranty programs. We have extensive staff experience with Subaru models and with diesel trucks.

If your GM, Cummins, Duramax, PowerStroke, or even VW diesel engine needs to be serviced, diagnosed or repaired, don’t bother with the Sherwood car repair shops that only dabble in diesel repair. At Paragon, we maintain ongoing certifications in diesel truck repair and all of our mechanics are ASE certified. We know that your diesel vehicle needs excellent maintenance and repair and we are ready to provide it. You don’t need to look around among Sherwood car repair shops. Come to Paragon and get Truck Service.

Paragon is one of the only Sherwood car repair shops that offers no-hassle business vehicle service. If your fleet vehicle needs maintenance or a repair, we guarantee same day service, we promise that you will work directly with a certified technician and we promise that we will be a one stop shop. Whatever needs to be done, your business vehicle will get exactly the service it needs to get you back on the road quickly. None of the other Sherwood car repair shops can give you that guarantee.

Paragon Auto Repair lives up to its name as the model leader among Sherwood car repair shops.